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Medi+Care High Level Multi-Purpose Disinfectant 2L


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 Non-Flammable
 Contains BKC to kill off viruses, bacteria & germs
 Kill 99.99% bacteria, germs and viruses as tested
 Fragrance Free
 Non-Toxic
 No rinsing required
 Hospital grade
 NEA recommendation
 HSA approved

Active Ingredients:
• Water > 90.0%
• Alkylbenzyldimethylammonium Chloride* < 3.0%
• Blue Dye < 0.01%
*also known as Benzalkonium chloride. It is an active ingredients highly recommended by NEA to eliminate viruses, bacteria and germs

• Kill viruses such as HIV, Norovirus, Hep B Virus, Adenovirus, Herpes Virus Type 1 & 2, Influenza Virus Type A, Vaccinia Virus, Coronaviruses such as Infectious Bronchitis Virus, etc.
• Kill bacteria such as E. Coli, etc.
• Kill Yeast & Fungi

Recommended use:
• Contaminated open areas such as living room, windows, floor, car interior, table top, toilet seats, etc.
• Hospitals, schools, clinics, etc. usage
• Offices, industrial, train station, hotels, factories and private and public areas
• Kitchen sink, door handles, lift buttons, etc.

How to use:
1. For floor cleaning, apply 1 to 2 cup of the solution follow by half pail of water
2. For cleaning of windows, door handles, toilet seats, etc. spray the solution directly on the surfaces and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes before wiping.
3. Spray at open space such as living area, kitchen, bedroom, toilet, etc.
4. No rinsing is required as it is non-toxic nor flammable.

• Store in cool, dry, well-ventilated area at room temperature

• Keep out of reach of children
• Do not swallow
• Avoid contact with eye. In case of eye contact, flush with water immediately & seek physician help immediately

Country of Manufacture:
• Singapore

• 2 year from manufacturing date

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